What if you could feign sickness or busyness to avoid some responsibilities? (Our story is based on 2Sam11)

This is a familiar story, and you know the details, so I won’t bore you. It was the time of the year when kings temporarily stopped being kings to become terrorists and mass-murderers, sorry conquerors. Every real king woke up with a lump in his throat. He would see spring’s favourable weather as payback time for their enemies or expand their kingdom. Of course, King David was a serious-minded warrior king. After all, it’s on record that as a young man, he singlehandedly killed Goliath (1Sam17:49). So King David asked his generals to go to war with his troops. After all, Joab, his commander, was competent and results-oriented.

David himself was a man who had grown up as a humble and obedient servant of God. The KJV even records that “David inquired of the Lord” about 28 times. Imagine that God had now honoured His humble servant David, the man after God’s own heart (Acts13:22), with chieftaincy or kingship. But David was enjoying it so much that he also forgot Who owned the kingdom of Israel. A big-time mess was coming, and he could not hear the warning bells.

One day, around late afternoon, the king got up from a nap and moseyed up the stairs to the rooftop. People were returning home from their daily pursuits and generally getting their evening duties done. From here, he could see a peaceful city gradually winding down for evening worship, food and stories around various firesides. Then the king spied a luscious woman (someone’s wife) bathing and lecherously sent for her. She also rushed to answer the king’s call. Bathsheba’s beauty muted all the king’s warning bells! They connected. Each time she visited him, all admiration for this great, Godly king mingled with the dust under Bathsheba’s dirty slippers. Finally, she disrespectfully sent someone to him with a message, “I am pregnant.” When you rest while others are busy, you tend to get active when the others are relaxing, sometimes with despicable results. You know the rest. He had her husband killed legally and later married her. Sometimes even Christian leaders look for legit ways to cover up their wrong deeds. And, of course, Bathsheba will be one of those many wives who would begin a marriage with no respect for their husband. So reason with me a little…

If I made the rules, does that place me above them? Should I be a leader who leads others to face challenges or manages people to achieve goals? Which is more important, the money my fiancé has or his respect, trustworthiness and potential? Most importantly, does God see through my hidden agendas and will He reward me one day soon? Please, think carefully about what the Bible says in Eccl 12:14; Mark 4:22 and 8:17..

When you rest while others are busy, you tend to get active when the others are relaxing, sometimes with despicable results

– Nana Amoah