What if you decided to sin? Oh no! Not for long. Just a few short years – make some real cash, network like mad, have some great fun, see what God is keeping from you on the other side, at least for a short time, and then race back to good living. (We are looking at 2Kings21 today).

King Hezekiah really tried to serve God faithfully. He was the first king who broke down all the idol altars in the kingdom after many kings had come and gone. Many kings who came after him, too, could not achieve this (check 2Kings18:3-5). Not that the kings before him did not have prophets and priests living and ministering. They just preferred prophets who would encourage them even when they were doing bad things.

Prophets Amos, Hosea, Micah and Isaiah all ministered to the kings and people of those times.  Amos decried the maltreatment of the marginalized in their society. Hosea and his adulterous wife became real-time videos depicting Israelite spiritual adultery. Amidst attacks from false prophets, Micah assured God’s people that their cherished city – Jerusalem and Solomon’s temple shall be destroyed. And of course, Isaiah painted bright and persistent word pictures with his animated messages of doom and restoration.

Hezekiah realized that there was no hope in half-hearted worship. So he ‘purged’ Judah of idol worship. An inspired writer says that Hezekiah was determined to do all in his power to help Judah escape from the consequences of their earlier evil deeds. So he stamped out idol worship. So God also ensured that, no matter what happened, the nation had peace and deliverance during king Hezekiah’s 29 years on the throne.

Unfortunately, his son, Manasseh, built back all the altars his father destroyed and even set his own son on fire as a sacrifice. He worshipped every conceivable idol. In fact, 2 Kings 21:9 says he did more evil than the nations that God drove out to bring the Israelites into the Promised Land. And what about his own son, Amon? He followed right after Manasseh’s example. During the reigns of these two, Judah ran into all kinds of problems with the nations far and near.

QUICK FACT: Amon was so evil that his own servants assassinated him after only two years as their king?

So would it be OK if one spent some time doing wrong? Then, after a while, start doing godly things? Every decision has its repercussions. And the devil tries his best to ensure that every mistake God’s children make is magnified and paid for in the highest currency – blood, life and destiny. Kindly consider that…

  1. In the first place, is there a guarantee that you would even achieve the goals you want to so badly i.e. money, fame, network, etc.
  2. Though you think you really want something NOW, remember that someday, maybe even before your death, posterity will judge you and maybe, find you guilty
  3. Consider how many younger ones you are encouraging to follow your evil course
  4. Would you be able to return to godly ways before you die

Please think again.