Build For Eternity

Spiritual builders build for perpetuity.

One day God called Moses, showed him the temple in heaven and asked him to create a similar one using cloth, precious minerals and stones, and other materials. When Moses came out of the vision, he was excited (We are considering Exod 31 today). 

But suddenly, he asked himself, “Is there a human being who can build all the awesomely crafted sections I saw?” That stopped him dead in his tracks! Well, don’t forget there were Egyptians who travelled with them. Some of them were already experts on the Egyptian pyramids. But humbly, he petitioned the LORD. Then God said, I choose Bezaleel and Aholiab. I have filled him with My spirit along with the rest of them. I want Bezaleel to be the architect and overseer whose directions the others must follow (Ex31:2,3). Wow! These were Israelites! What experience did they have? But Moses did not question God’s spiritual guidance.

The result of this was the spirit of sacrifice – the people gave until it was too much and an ingeniously beautiful temple came out. It accommodated hundreds of people and was fully detachable. Moses was a spiritual builder.

Things are different now. People who build temples for God and eternity don’t care who makes it so long as it’s nice. No doubt, these experts try their best for God. But guess what! God may disapprove of it. Why did I say that? Watch this.

Years down the line, King Solomon(perhaps in his human wisdom) just went straight to Tyre to get experts (2Chron 2:3-7) to come to oversee his temple. The result of that magnificent temple and spiritual confusion was idolatry and polygamy over which even he, Solomon, was champion (1King 11:3,4).

You are building your character, aren’t you? BE CAREFUL! Remember that even your body is God’s temple (1 Corinthians 6:19). Find those who make use of the complete word of God, not just the pleasant parts (Isaiah8.20; 28:10,13) and in whom God’s Spirit dwells(1John4:1). Some people quote Jer 29:11, leaving out verses 12,13; some remind you that no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper but do not add that in that same verse of Isaiah 54:17, God expects you to live righteously. What use would it be to you to have a vivid life acknowledged by multitudes and yet without God’s approval (Matt16:26)? Be a spiritual builder! Build wisely! Build for eternity! 

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Published by Pastor Amoah

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14 thoughts on “Build For Eternity

      1. This is very wonderful. No one actually erects a magnificent edifice and will permit people to deface it even without regular maintenance, so are our bodies to God as his temple . Of course, he wouldn’t spare us if we encroach it.


  1. This is a well admonitionishing piece, which has ever taught me to be spiritually ready with God, so that He will make use of me at anytime, just as He appointed Bezaleel.


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