What Will They See?

We are considering Hebrews 9:27-8

The embalmer notes the corpse’s peaceful visage. Then he says, “It isn’t necessary to tell me that she was a Christian; I always notice because the glory constantly shows on their faces”. May all who die in the Lord exude His glory! Let me tell you a story…

It was on January 25, 2006, in a bedsit (a furnished sitting room with sleeping/plumbing areas) in Wood Green. The London Housing Association people were going in to carry out a simple assignment. The lady there had not paid her rent for some 24+ months. So they were there to do an ejection, period. Let me warn you that this story gets a bit ghastly from this point. The LHA people probably knocked, noted the dust on the door and handle and saw it had not been opened for some time. They decided to break in. They had to push a bit because of the mountain of letters behind the door. A noisy TV chatted carelessly away in the middle of the room. A bedsit is not a big flat, so presently, they found her… or instead, found her fully decomposed body lying on the sofa.

Joyce Carol Vincent, aged 38 at death. The Christmas presents she did not finish wrapping were on the floor beside her and dated 2003. Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. As our text shows, her time came, and she was alone.

Pictures revealed an enigmatic beauty. Joyce had been acquainted with several celebrities in the UK. But she had suddenly withdrawn from family and friends, resigned from her job at Ernst & Young, and changed apartments. Her sisters had hired a private investigator to look for her. He had found her flat, so they wrote to her. Obviously, by the time the letters got to her apartment, she was already dead. Since they did not know, they assumed she wanted to be left alone. So the correspondence mounted up behind her door. How about the stench? The stench from the decomposing body merged with the stench from dustbins in the recycle plant just behind the house, so neighbours did not notice. This has been gory enough. Just Google her name if you want more information.

Do you have any idea when, where, or how you will take off? Even in the Bible, you find people who died at home, at work, defending their nation, being Christian, worshipping idols, on land, at sea, etc. Quite a few knew their time was up, but most, like Joyce, did not know. Listen to R. H. Smith in the poem The Clock of life

  • The Clock of life is wound but once,
    • And no man has the power
    • To tell just when the hands will stop
    • At late or early hour.
  • To lose one’s wealth is sad indeed,
    • To lose one’s health is more,
    • To lose one’s soul is such a loss
    • That no man can restore.
  • The present only is our own,
    • So live, love, toil with a will,
    • Place no faith in “Tomorrow,”
    • For the Clock may then be still.

Imagine this…. Famous Nigerian coach Stephen Keshi died on June 9, 2016. Shaibu Amodu, his colleague, went to his house to sign the Book of Condolence. Within 3 days, Amodu was dead too. Being a Muslim, he would be buried before Keshi. Ok! Enough of gory stories. But you do get the point, right? When we go, will the embalmer see some glory on our faces? Sure – you decide but dont wait because you dont know when and where.

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Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

15 thoughts on “What Will They See?

  1. We don’t know when we will die and we don’t have the power to control death so let always do things that glorifies God. Thank you pastor for your message this morning


  2. We will all go one day. I pray we will be counted among those who will resurrect that’s faithful morning.

    God help us.


  3. I see one thing here aside we all going to face judgement one day: Joyce formal company (Ernst and young) is representing Christian brotherhood here. It is even sad to the extent that some Christian’s only recognize his or her brother when meet at Church premises.
    Without team work with his disciples, Jesus wouldn’t have been understood till now.


    1. Well said Alfred. We need to really be concerned about each other and not leave even siblings alone because they did not respond, you know… I hope improve on our christianity. At the end of the day, what will the embalmer see, what will God see.

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      1. Knowing that we don’t know when, where and how to die is a vital and powerful mystery all and sundry should know to decide now for better future. Thanks


      2. Knowing that we dont know is a huge challenge. But in spite of uncertainty, good foodballers prepare well, and they win. Our preparation is in making sure the Spirit dwells within, then we will exude that glory


  4. The story is sad, but fills the mind with varying emotions and more questions. Yes, all mankind must die; unless comes before it’s my/your time. One challenge is not to live a victorious life in isolation – or can we? What about my (Church) community? Is it? I do not want to simply live to spend eternity …. (as important as that is) but rather to love my fellow man enough and to allow that to speaks more than the glow on the face at death.


    1. We really cannot isolate ourselves, brother. Donne said that no man is an island. The victory of Jesus’ life was in interacting with others to serve and die for them. In our most crucial raison détre, we were commanded to go into all the world and preach the gospel. These things cannot be done while hiding oneself. Besides, if Christian living is victorious for you, how can I know if you’re isolated? As we interact and share the love of Christ, we can have the opportunity of the glow on the face. You see, I always say that TRUE LOVE FOR GOD CANNOT BE HIDDEN.


  5. Christ should be seen in our lives. Let us love ourselves as good Christians and shine for Jesus Christ. We do not know when we will die, so let’s do our part and God will bless us. God bless you Pastor

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