Life at Double-Fives [090917]

Lost my parents

When they were still parents.

I’m thankful.

Failed primary exams

And snapped life’s actual exams

Too young to see they were exams.

I’m mindful.

As a limping bear, I’ve crawled

Managing to reach the next craal

Moving up thinking my options are only crawls

Not sure when a clearing would end my crawl.

I‘m praiseful.

Before I crossed the streams

Before I could part the seams

Without knowledge of dreams

Or how to stretch past the unknown streams

Yes, even how to reach, give life to dreams.

I’m grateful.

While still a tensile sapling

I’ve been a sun to other saplings.

Still tenderly nurturing my branch with birds shaded in my sapling.

And my second growing branch baobabs, teaks wondering at my ugly duckling.

Now I’m growing a third branch amidst a forest fireling.

Thru Your stomata, and roots, I’m looking past a seedling.

I’m thankful.

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Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

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