Monday, July 13, 2020

Unforgiveness, anger, and selfishness 

Sat slowly down to plan man’s

Next line of action.

Recent foibles had twisted

No, mangled the harmony

Left vibrating on the rims

Shabby, unsteady in the

The dim glare of our noonday moon.

Something should be done to halt the rate

Of male dreams

maternally mortal, stillborning and

Dying before step five.

So they clasped hands with the battle-worn revenge,

Simmering passion, and

Nature’s floods. These swept in

Entourage in attendance.

Floods of vengeance

Selfishly clothed marched meanly

All stepped up towards the hall

Careful to post sentries. In a few emotions

The meeting kicked off.

Jesus finally rose to address us

We found a hall filled with

Loving obedience listening

with tearful joy.