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We are considering Esther 8

That fateful night, Dr Anaman (not his real name) had been on TV to receive an international grant worth thousands of dollars on behalf of his NGO (This is a true story). The family exulted that Dad was on TV. Around 1am Missus woke her husband up vigorously. Anaman jumped up to discover that the heavy thumping noise coming from their living room.

Living nightmare! Some robbers had tried unsuccessfully to break the unbreakable glass door of his hall and were actually trying to chisel the wall itself down to enter. Frantically, the family called everyone they knew for help, including the Neighbourhood Watch Group, until the whole frame came crashing down. Presently, 5 robbers jumped in. They took all their valuables, shoved them all into one room and sat down to enjoy the family’s roast meat and drinks. The family managed to smuggle out their daughter, who the robbers had threatened to rape when they finished feasting. Thank God law enforcement and the neighbourhood watch group arrived in time to avert what would have been a well-planned tragedy. The robbers, however, bolted away with most of the valuables.

In Esther chapter 3, Haman had gotten the king to approve the destruction of all Jews in the kingdom – another well-planned tragedy. Wherever Jews settle, commerce grows and thrives because God has blessed them (Deut 28). They were even enjoined to support the development of whichever nation they found themselves in (Jer 29:7). Yet Haman accused them of having different and inimical laws. Apart from the Sabbath commandment and, of course, idolatry, they did not have any. Furthermore, they educated their children, thereby supporting knowledge acquisition and development (Deut 6:7; 11:19). Yet Ahasuerus believed Haman’s single-story – hook, line and sinker, and approved the genocide.

There is another well-planned tragedy in the offing. This one is quite different from armed robbery, different from genocide, and even different from intentional provocation and war by other countries. The real Haman, Satan, will try to silence all those who warn people against sin, once and for all.

But the original law enforcement, the real Ahasuerus, Jesus the Christ, King of Glory, Mighty God, Deliverer, Consuming Fire is on the way and will deliver everyone found in His Book.

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In Matt 24, Jesus showed His disciples what to expect at the end of the world. In verses 8-10, He shows that the world and even those who purport to be believers in Jesus will turn against the faithful and obedient. Moreover, in John 16:2, Jesus says that at that time, those who hound and kill true believers will think they are doing God a favour. But He, the King of Kings, will appear in the clouds of heaven with a reward for everyone depending on how we lived our lives on earth (Rev 22:12). Nobody knows when that will be, but current events indicate that it will be VERY SOON.

At that time, on whose side will you be? With armed robbers or law enforcement; with Haman or Ahasuerus; with the wicked or the righteous? Think thrice because the One who died for you loves you dearly. He doesn’t want to lose you.

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