Wisdom in Suffering

This owl showed up early one morning at my friend’s house. ©2021 C N E Amoah

Two shiny teardrops floated down the river of life. As they went, one said to the other, ‘Who are you?’ ‘I am the tear of a girl who loved a man and lost him to another girl, it replied, ‘And who are you?’ The other said, ‘I am the tear of the girl who got him.[1]

La vie est comme ça (life is like that). While one nation is trading blame, another country is jubilating over the finals of the same football tournament. They say, ‘in good times our friends know us, and in bad times, we know our friends[2].

Job had lived all his life to please God. So it came as a complete shock that in a matter of hours, he had lost 10 children, 1000s of oxen, asses, sheep, and camels – whatever he had as wealth and savings were gone. Indeed ‘riches have wings to fly. Then the boils popped up (Chaps. 2:7; 7:5). They broke out into the sores, itching, pus, stench, flies, ouch! But he still worshipped God. Then his Mrs. started an argument. Talk about bad timing.

Little wonder his friends Bildad, Eliphaz and Zophar tore their clothes and sprinkled ashes on their heads while they were still some distance away from where he was. Was this the respected nobleman they admired? 7 whole days they just sat there mourning with him – no discussion. Indeed, empathy was at its very best. They were chewing over how this could happen to such an upright man. In the end, they could only think that he must have been hiding some evil activities and, therefore, God was punishing him. You’re looking at another example of a single story (check Two Men and a Man II at https://elihasthots.net/2022/01/07/two-great-men-a-man-ii/)


Of course, Mrs Job’s argument and the accusations of the trio were based on Satan’s crafty single stories. But assuming the trio was right. Suppose he had indeed done terrible things, and therefore, God was punishing him this bad; how come God did not reveal those horrible things? At least, to serve as a deterrent to others? Of course, Job insisted that he was innocent. He complained that God had become his enemy without cause.

Job 28:28 teaches us that wisdom is gotten from fearing God (reverencing, unquestioningly obeying). This is supported by Deut 4:6; Psa 111:10; Pro 1:7; 9:10; Eccl 12:13; Jas 3:13-17. Every single person born of a worman will undergo one kind of suffering or the other. Let’s be proactive about suffering. Let’s allow God to use us in, through, and despite it. It reveals our character and wisdom. Ignore the ignorant who consider this a weakness.

Some commentators say that Job’s suffering represents all the suffering that Christians (I dare say, all mankind) have suffered or will ever have to suffer. Yet, through it all, he maintained his integrity. And in the end, it paid him heavily. Check Job 42:12-17. Are you wise? Even in adversity? When was the last time you threatened God when you had a problem? Remember that all shall pass.

[1] Adapted from the song by Wariner, S. at https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/stevewariner/twoteardrops.html

[2] Collins, J. C. at https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/john_churton_collins_406995

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26 thoughts on “Wisdom in Suffering

  1. This message is a timely one for the times we are living in as many may be losing hope because of the unending trials that continue to arise which can cause doubt amongst believers whether God is still alive as proven in times past.

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    1. Hmmmmm. Many ARE losing hope owing to the trials we currently are passing thru all over the 🌎 world. Luke 21:26 is quite clear. Thanks Ken-we really need to remember His deliverance and other deeds in the past. That will help us cling to Him and retain our sanity. Blessings


  2. Eeerh… hmmm Papa Amoah, ps do accept my kindof comment in this form. Thanks for sharing a special exhortation of wisdom to ponder my dire need to mature in Christian life 🙏

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    1. Worthy comment this is madam. I really appreciate everyone’s time and efforts. We all need to mature not just you o. People like you stay with Christ no matter what. Abraham believed God and it was accounted as righteousness. God bless you and answer all our prayers speedily


  3. Our God we serve is just God..we need to understand Him for everything He does and allow at
    a point in time is for a purpose. Thanks so much for the wonderful message

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  4. The story has been well crafted exposing the excesses of our complaints as Christians. I love to reiterate that in all, “Job maintained his integrity.”
    This offers hope innour hopeless situation.
    The Lord bless you Pr. CNE Amoah.

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  5. The devil is around God’s people planing evil against them. Single stories make other people judge others wrongly, so as Christians we should not be quick to judge. In every situation in which we find ourselves we need to rely on God alone and maintain our integrity just as Job did. We need not to blame God on our suffering. We need to draw closer to Him through prayers and by obeying His word. Jesus loves us and He will safe us and take us from all our suffering. Thanks for the lesson

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  6. One of the man’s inability, is to operate outside of sin. He/she cannot fully understand nor appreciate divine wisdom … unless … therefore sees all human conditions through “sin” lenses, and draw conclusions from flawed human limitations. Solomon points out the reality through this friendly reminder: if any lack wisdom, let him/her ask … . Job almost fell for the flawed human thinking; God in His wisdom however, allowed Job to live and to experience the story from the divine vantage point. It is our privilege to also see and experience our own story from the divine vantage point. Thank you Lord for Job. It is greater than a story – it’s wisdom.

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    1. What blinds people and prevents them from using God’s perspective to asses troubles? We are flawed indeed. No wonder God put James 1:5 there for us and yet we never claim it when we need to. BTW God is quick to account our steps of faithful obedience as righteousness. Praise our loving Father. Thank you again sir


  7. Hmm, I just have to confess that I’ve never liked the book of job. I honestly think the calamities of job were far too much for any man to handle. And to make matters worse, his wife and closest friends did not give the needed support he needed M, but one object lesson I’ve learnt is what you’ve carefully drawn out: THE WISDOM OF JOB AFTER-ALL HE SUFFERED. Thanks Pastor for the enlightenment. God bless you with more insight. AMEN 🙏


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