Every Child of God

Picture Credit – 2022 CNEAmoah

I stumbled on this piece of compelling writing on social media. As of now, I still don’t know the author.

However, the message being shared in it sent the hairs on the back of my neck racing to stand up. I have been challenged and encouraged. Enjoy…

When you attend your Governor’s Birthday Dinner, you dress suited up like Abraham Lincoln.
When you attend an evening service in Church, you dress like you missed your way from a refuse dump. Okay, well done.

When you have a flight to catch by 11 AM, you start moving to the airport by 9 AM. When you have Church service by 9 AM you leave the house by 9:30 AM, full 30 minutes after service has begun. Okay, well done.

When you have an appointment at Government House by 11 AM, you go there by 10 AM and sit over at the reception and wait till 1.00 PM unattended to. Yet, you wouldn’t complain at all. When you have a Departmental Meeting at Church by 4.00 PM, you arrive late at 4:30 PM and realize the meeting hasn’t started and you complain heaven and earth and threaten never to give attention to any such Departmental Meeting again. Okay, well done.

When you go to the American Embassy to get a visa, and you’re ordered around and given specific instructions on where to sit and where not to, by people far younger and maybe, even less qualified than you are, you obey them with STRICT ADHERENCE. When you attend Church and ushers direct you on where to sit, you act as if they were talking to a cadaver. Okay, well done.

When you meet with your State Governor, you address him as “Your Excellency,” even when you know you’re far older than he is. When you meet with your Pastor, you’re very comfortable to call him by name because, after all, he’s a SMALL BOY OF YESTERDAY. Okay, well done.

From all indications, you place the GREATEST VALUE on every “Human Status” and “Institution” except what is God’s. God appears to be the only person that suffers from your numerous excuses. You believe neither God nor His House is an EMERGENCY that requires your URGENCY, REVERENCE and ATTENTION. Okay, well done.

Problem is, tomorrow you run into trouble and you think your case is such an EMERGENCY that God should stand up from His throne and begin to run around for you. You tell everyone that you need URGENT DIVINE INTERVENTION. You put your Pastor under severe pressure as if he has become a 4th Member of the TRINITY. You roll on the floor and cry, “My FATHER, My FATHER, MY CASE IS URGENT!!!” You think God is a puppet without eyes and ears, that can be laid away and picked up when you want. If His presence is not URGENT to you, why should your CASE be URGENT to Him?
Who’s in control here? You or Him?

Okay, well done! Our God is merciful, come unto Him.

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