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We/ are considering Job 29-31

Someone sent me an eye-catching comedy clip. It was about a man who was chiding his son for failing his examinations. The boy gave an excuse that did not appease the father. So he ranted on. Shortly, the father said, ‘I was taking first (sic) in school. If I’m lying, let my late father slap me.’ Immediately, I heard the sound of a slap and the man was sent tumbling down. When he got up, he was limping, and his voice was different (apparently slapped by a ghost haha). Today, parents and superiors find it difficult to admit their failures while growing up. And their children and subordinates do not always believe their bold claims.

Job did the same, but it seems he didn’t lie. When his friends insisted that he was being punished for his evil deeds, Job disagreed and made oaths. From chapter 29, his replies seemed to reach a crescendo. He began to make massive claims about the glory he had before. Then he added how others depended on him for help, guidance, support, and even encouragement. Then he took up oaths.

He explained how great his sense of social responsibility was. Job insisted that he always showed concern for his employees no matter what. That he never looked down on others. And he emphasised that God knew about all this.

Next, he explained his sense of morality. Chapter 31:1 explains that he even had a covenant (not just an agreement) with his eyes not to use them to undress a girl. He fearlessly called curses upon himself if he was guilty. Moreover, if he had seduced another woman, someone else should have his wife. Was he that blameless? In any case, adultery and immorality begin in our minds. How many Christians today are genuinely upright? Of course, in the end, God showed him his place as a mere human being before blessing him with far more than he had before. These were the good old days. They used to be called these challenging times.

We live in a world with a different set of Christian standards or standards for godly living. Christians don’t speak the truth anymore. It seems wiser to blame someone else, tell a half-truth or make an excuse instead of admitting your mistake. Today, we are advised to be careful about reaching out to the needy. For instance, you take in a ‘stranger’ who seems not to know anybody and really needs help. The following day, you discover he has robbed you and ripped your daughter’s virginity to shreds as well. This world is indeed very terrible

God loves us so much He doesn’t force us to obey Him. The devil has taken advantage of this to make it really hard to obey God. It takes real love/courage to be a true child of God. Little wonder then that God promises to shorten waiting time (Mar 13:20). Do you have the courage needed to be flesh and blood Christian? Do I? The courage to be translatable when Jesus returns? Jesus is flying up to heaven with upright people. And He calls us just to commit ourselves and humbly ask Him to come inside and change us. Can you just speak to Him now, please? Please.

In any case, adultery and immorality begin in one’s mind.

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