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We are considering Psalm 1

I was driving behind a pickup in traffic recently. A roadside vendor ran up with works of art for sale. One was with a man protecting his wife and child, another depicted an attractive woman fetching water, yet another with a woman feeding her child, etc. The pickup driver showed interest and finally bought one. He chose one of the pieces of art depicting a woman in short, tight jeans shorts. If she was a man, you would say the man was bare-chested. Since it’s a woman, hmmm, you decide how to describe that.

Artists are inspired by all kinds of people and things. Maybe a picture, phrase, or sound can trigger an artistic expression. Writing about writing, Richard Hugo calls these inspirations ‘triggering towns’[1]. Artists always have stories surrounding their beautiful works of art.

Would you like to be so blessed that even the blessed called you blest as a creative person? Who and what inspires you? Today, artists and artists are advised to appeal to the lower passions to make a lot of quick money and get a lot of fans. Those who don’t have enough money to publicize their artistic productions sometimes commit to illegal businesses. According to Psalm 1, God sees things differently.

It says you are blest if you don’t hang out with and listen to advise from ungodly people; don’t take the path of sinful people; don’t attend ‘Smart Mouth College’ where people learn how to respond quickly and sharply. Such people delight in God’s law, meditating on it day and night. There is a blessing there – you are a tree planted in Eden, bringing forth fruit at the right time; whatsoever you do prospers, succeeds. It means in an exam, you sit where you will not cheat. And wherever you cannot be observed, you are careful, knowing you are in God’s sight. You believe God is looking over your shoulder while you are on the internet. Furthermore, if your closest friend begins to do wrong, you part attitudes/understandings/company. It’s not wrong to be bold enough to be different – correctly different.

Where would you like to be found dead if you had a choice? In your bed? Doing what is right? Or in the middle of doing something you know is wrong? Stride towards the mirror, ask the person there, ‘If I died doing what I am doing right now, how would people see me; will I gain entry to heaven someday?’ Ensure you can always, honestly answer, ‘Yes!’

Give the first of your life to God.

Give the best of your life to God.

Give the rest of your life to God.

You won’t regret it.

© CNE Amoah 2022

[1] Hugo, R. (1979). The triggering town: Lectures and essays on poetry and writing. New York: Norton