Death Of The Thin-Skinned Mammals

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God made a perfect world. He intended that everything, including animals, shall be subject to man(The thinnest-skinned of mammals). Sin, however, quickly contorted this superb plan of our loving Father. Now God’s creation kills God’s creation. Man is not in charge anymore. Take a look at approximate figures of global populicide limited to the first ten on the list according to BBC[1], Business Insider[2], CNET[3] and Science Focus[4]:

 BBCBusiness InsiderCNETScience Focus
4Tsetse flyDogDogDog
5CrocodileSnailAssassin bugAssassin bug
6HippoAssassin bugSnailScorpion
7 Tsetse flyTsetse flyCrocodile
8 ScorpionScorpionElephant
9 RoundwormRoundwormHippo
10 TapewormTapewormLion

Now God’s creation kills God’s creation

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According to WHO[5], mosquitoes kill 750,000 people each year, CNET puts it at 1,000,000[6]. Such a light insect dealing such a heavy blow. If death were a business, mosquitoes would be the richest. Now that might sound macabre, I agree, but consider this – it’s the smallest that kills the most significant number. It also turns out that the most overlooked sins – like anger, pride, and unforgiveness – keep the most people out of God’s kingdom. These are sins you can comfortably carry for 40+ years without getting arrested or even being embarrassed (This is different from, stealing, which will undoubtedly get you arrested and embarrassed if you’re caught).

Incidentally, God has some strong words for proud-ful persons. You won’t find anything nice in the 97 times ‘pride’ or ‘proud’ is mentioned in the KJV, not even once (Lev 26:19; Prov16:18; Mal 4:1; 1Joh2:16). What about unforgiveness? Read Luk 17:1-5 or check my PowerPoint presentation (Two Cups of Forgiveness). Songs 2:15 is a complaint about the ‘little foxes that spoil the vines…

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Kill your mosquitoes, kill your little foxes, and kill your little sins before they kill you. Did you know that Moses, the great lawgiver, could not control his anger? The Bible records how he killed an Egyptian (Exodus 2:11-12), left Pharaoh’s presence in anger (Exodus 20:11), crashed the Ten Commandments (Exodus 32:19), and disobeyed God by striking the rock twice instead of pointing at it (Numbers 20:10-12). What is your own mosquito? Is it lying, immorality, greed, idolatry, drunkenness, reviling, extortion, or a combination of these? One day Jesus will indeed have to say to some people, – I never knew you, depart from me… (Mat 7:23), someday soon. Don’t wait one more minute to take your mosquitoes-sins to Jesus the Saviour! Only He has the original insect spray. Only He has the original mosquito net. And He loves you very much.







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22 thoughts on “Death Of The Thin-Skinned Mammals

  1. Little sins indeed destroy, may God help us to be more sincere and determined in dealing with them before they destroy us
    May God bless your ministry sir

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