Credit © Peter F Wolf from

Serpentine slivers of silent carnivorous ants

Slither all across

The slippery sheen of the tiles

In my bathroom.

Credit © Pruthvi Sagar from

Thin slivers, meandering shavings, genuflecting, gesticulating

As my transfixed eyes

Gather the details in. There they march, brandishing

Gory pieces of gore

Ill-gotten gains from my travail with roachy dastardliness

Which I left uncleaned, in situ.

Yet proudly they scurry on with unwitting abandon even if

My itchy fingers

Massage the trigger of an aerosol spray pointing towards the wall.

My senses are arrested,

My gaze is aghast. Yet, the living red twine keeps up its dance astride the wall,

And across the floor.

Gently I thumb the spray until it farts facing the floor. Right away,

My tired feet

Start up a dance to the silent tune cooked up when the living red rope morphed

Into a thousand

Pieces of perturbed ants scampering precariously for their lives.

Ilisan-Remo. Wednesday, February 6, 2019 – 23:53:14

Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

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