Oluwabunmi I

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Psalm 121:7-8 7 The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. 8 The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. (NLT)

On a recent December 20th, I was to fly from Lagos to Accra with Arik Air. The reporting time was 17:45. By 17 hours, I was at the airport. However, outside the departure hall, I spotted people dressed in white shirts as airline employees, picketing agitatedly. The departure hall was choked with an unusual number of people. The Arik Air office was empty. Then somebody said,

Ah, it seems they are having problems. They haven’t flown the whole of this week. Their employees are still on strike today. Most people in the long queues you see here are their passengers.

Wow. I had to jump on my phone at once.

Eventually, I found out that I could not fly that evening because of Arik’s problems. I had to find somewhere to sleep and come back early in the morning. It meant more calls. Ilisan-Remo, from where I was coming, would be about 4 hours by taxi. How could I go there and return to the airport in time in the morning? So I had to stay in Lagos that night. But where? Which driver could I trust with my luggage and myself at that time of night?

My mind sped back to another night about twenty years earlier.

I was travelling to Nigeria by road. We had had challenges on the way, and I got to the border town after 6 pm. My luggage was spoilt. This happened because of border patrol and gendarme’s endless opening and closing and jostling on the road. I didn’t know how to get to my destination that night because most public transport would not be available. I found myself in constant prayer for protection, direction, and guidance.

Credit © GO Amoah 2017

Eventually, a young lady I met at the border town helped me get to the Nigerland Hotel in Lagos, where I lodged for the night. And this was because I had declined to spend the night at their house in the border town. I also declined Bunmi’s (I think that’s her name) offer to house me in Lagos at her father’s house. In spite of my refusal of her hospitality, early the following day, this angel was there, knocking on my door. She came with the equipment needed to help fix my bag.

This angel sewed my bag and took me to a place where I could quickly connect to my destination without extracting a kobo from me. Certainly, mobile phones did not exist back then! Since then, I often pray that God will richly bless her and reward her with eternal life. I also told God that I would like to see her one day.

So on this night, at the airport, I trusted God again. I realized that God is merciful. He can connect and orchestrate the events of our lives such that we meet the right circumstances. With the right attitude of trust and obedience, we would make it to the complete end of our destinies. Though, He is not the architect of the evil we suffer, He is willing and able to make every single one of them work towards the progress of those committed to Him (Romans 8:28). Those who are committed

Are you?

If you’ve had a similar experience, kindly share with us in the comments section below. Let’s start a PRAISE-CHAIN today!!!

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15 thoughts on “Oluwabunmi I

  1. I can relate to this Pastor, growing up through different and difficult circumstances. I learned to trust God to bring people to my aid as I need them. Happy Sabbath

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    1. Happy day and thanks! What a mighty and loving Father in heaven who anticipates and resolves His children’s issues. His praise shall never be past while life and thought and being lasts!


  2. Wow! I wanted to read more!
    May God continue to bless your God-sent, selfless and kind angel who was there to help when there seems to be no hope.
    I am blessed for reading.
    May God continue to bless you for always bringing us messages that uplift and grow our faith in God.
    Thank you so much.

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    1. (つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つThank you! God bless you Pastor Baidoo. This story is from deep within. I really pray that God will bless her and her family everyday of their lives. Verily, the Spirit of God dwells in His willing children.


  3. In a world where self is primary and personal ambition is secondary, it is easy to become a pessimist. But in His love, God always sends an angel when man has reached his extremity.

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  4. It’s true that our God provides all the time at whenever we’re in need. Thanks Pastor for sharing. May God richly bless you and the family

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  5. Oh wow 😮!!I wanted to read more daddy!
    May God continue to bless your God-sent,selfless and kind angel who was there seems to be no hope …
    I am blessed for reading ☺️🙏🏻

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  6. Pastor,
    God is indeed merciful .
    We can’t thank Him enough for protecting us.
    May God help us to always depend and trust him with our lives.
    God bless you.

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  7. I enjoyed every bit of the story and reminisced on one of my experiences some time in 2010, traveling from Ilishan Remo en-route to Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. On getting to Abia state at an odd hour I was told by a good stranger I met in the bus not to stay at the bus park as I would be robbed but my mum insisted I stayed there knowing I didn’t have much on me for a hotel reservation. At the bus stop, she highlighted from the bus and asked me, “Willnyou follow me to my house?” With mixed feeling and fear I obliged and we became a family thereafter. She was newly married and the husband was so accommodating. I tried not to close my eyes, considering so many trust issues in my head but unknowingly, a good sleep knocked me off and I woke to another day in the house of a God-sent. We kept the relationship for a long time but I lost her contact in 2015 and I pray I find it or even meet her someday. This is just one too many an experience I’ve had. The God who said he will punish those who disobey him even to their fourth generation will also bless those who obey him likewise. Growing up, I’ve seen my parents accommodating strangers and God has been making ways for us, their children anywhere we go as doors are never shut against us but grace, mercy, and love always found us. Truly, it pays to be good. You might not get instant reward but those to come after you won’t be forgotten by God. God bless you sir. Your story touched me, personally.

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    1. This is awesome story and it all goes to buttress the fact that God sends His angels to ensure His children do not dash their foot against a stone. Thank you Alfred. I wonder if any of us have a similar story too.


    2. This is an awesome story and it all goes to buttress the fact that God sends His angels to ensure His children do not dash their foot against a stone. Thank you Alfred. I wonder if any of us have a similar story too.


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