Oluwabunmi II

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For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,

Matthew 25:35

Have you seen Oluwabunmi? The kind lady who went out of her to help me in my story in the last post. Have you seen her?

That night, she looked young and educated, beautiful in her Yoruba traditional attire called Buba or Bouba. She spoke calmly, reassuringly.

I mildly refused her kind hospitality to allow me to spend the night in their house in Ojordon. Then, she offered the opportunity to spend the night in their Lagos house since I wanted to go there. I actually knew someone in Lagos and thought I could reach them. But we got to Lagos so late buses to take me there had closed. At that time, past 10 o’clock at night, picking a taxi was out of the question. I refused to go to her home for the second time. But instead of reacting to my seeming rejection, Bunmi was instead, concerned about me spending part of my fees to pay for the night at Nigerland Hotels. So she tried to dissuade me, but I didn’t budge. I had forgotten. No, I chose to ignore that God protects us always. Lord have mercy on me.

Finally, she turned towards me. Her irises reached into the semidarkness around us, searching for the expression on my face.

“Charles, look. Do you realize I am also taking a risk in asking you to go home with me? I do not know you anywhere, but I am willing to take the risk of going home with you. My Father will not mind giving you a bed. I should be afraid of you as much as you are of me Charles. I won’t do anything to you.

I assured her that I wasn’t afraid but insisted on going to a hotel. We had gotten to Lagos past 22.00 hours local time. She showed me the closest hotel, Nigerland Hotel. She stayed with me until I booked a room. She came in with me to see that I was ok. Then she went home. As she trudged into the night, I prayed for her safety.

I recognized her voice as she asked for me the following morning. Quickly, I strode to the door and opened it. We exchanged pleasantries.

She accepted my invitation to join my quiet time and prayed with me. Soon enough, she had finished sewing my torn bag and we were on our way. With a very grateful heart, I took her hand and said,

“Bunmi, do you know that your Christianity is very exceptional? I can’t thank you enough. May God always bless you!

This young Church of Pentecost lady only smiled. I always think that God sent His angel in that pretty young lady to me that night. Afterwards she took me to a place where I could pick up a bus to my school.

Have you seen Bunmi lately?

Jesus has some Bunmis walking around your location. In Matthew 10:16, He asks you to be one of them.

© C N E Amoah 2022

1John verse 5 shows that God is happy with people who treat especially, strangers, with kindness. In fact He says they are being faithful. Hebrews 13:2 agrees and shows that through generosity one may even entertain angels. Moreover, Jesus singles out kindness as an important characteristic of those who will make it to heaven.

Jesus has some Bunmis walking around your location. Have you seen any of them this week? Today? No? Matthew 10:16 asks you to be one. There are many souls out there looking for a little Christian kindness to light their way. Will you be one today?

Yes! Be one today. Go out of your way and be nice to a stranger. Be the rising sun to someone who has lost hope in mankind. God’s mankind. Give someone a reason to say, thank you O God. Do it without any fanfare or social media spotlight, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly (Matthew 6:3-4). And Jesus will personally address you when He returns sometime very soon. Go on. Don’t hesitate. Do it now!

Our story continues next post.

Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

8 thoughts on “Oluwabunmi II

  1. With “Bunmises,” the world will be a better place while we wait for the ultimate.
    May God me and all others who are ready to let people have good reasons to thank God for His providence and care.
    Thank you so much, Pastor for the message.
    May God continue to bless and you to cause positive change.

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