Can We Really See? I

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I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. 

Revelation 3:18 

This week we are starting a new series. On our senses. Exciting insights await. Dont miss them for anything under the sun!

How many of your senses are still sharp at your age. Is it the seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching? Our sight is arguably the most important sense of all. Our eyes interpret many things that are both far and near. They help us to read alphabets, numerals and graphics. In bright, eye-damaging light, the pupils automatically adjust, narrowing to take in less light. In the dim light, they expand so we can see well. Can you see and read this writing of mine? Then you’re not blind!

If our eyes are not so good, we may not be able to see things some distance from our location (short-sightedness). Sometimes, we need glasses to make up for the shortfall. A lover can see even the silhouette of the beloved in dim light. Sometimes when a person loses sight, the hearing may improve to make up for it. As a little blind boy, Steveland Morris could easily pick up very tiny sounds. Little wonder that he became Stevie Wonder, the musician.

Majorly, we can decipher the alphabets/numerals/graphics in our environment through our sight. If we are used to a particular path, it is still possible to use it in darkness because we know where all the potholes, curves and inclines may be found. Our memories, therefore, work with our sight to enable us to achieve many things.

How about your spiritual eyes? A relationship with God helps to throw the proper light on issues in our lives. He gives us spiritual eyesight.

My dear, can your eyes really see the right direction to go? Can your eyes pick out potential pitfalls with a budding friendship? Can you maintain a covenant with your eyes (Job 31:1)? Are your eyes clear enough to see a young lady or gentleman’s true colours even from how she/he dresses? …identify the clothes that will reveal modesty and glorify God (1Tim 2:9)? … see when your own dressing promotes the devil even though you parade as a child of God (Matt 15:8)? … see when your fellow is hurting and needs your intervention as a superior, not trampling them down to finish them? … see when your conduct though seemingly suitable, still has the appearance of evil (1Thess 5:22)? … are they lucid enough to see your unethical/immoral choices for what they are? … will you be able to see clearly without the guide provided by God’s word (Ps 119:105)? Can you really see? Or do you need God’s eyewash(Revelation 3:18)? So tell me, my dear, what is good eyesight? How about asking God for His eyewash or His glasses? So that as a parent, child, leader, subordinate, student, colleague, staff, whoever you are, you can see clearly to act rightly.

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Its all about relationship.

18 thoughts on “Can We Really See? I

  1. We need to ask for guidance from God to be able to see clearly and rightly ( pertaining to morals and spiritually)
    To me the eye, I feel like the eye is the most important sense of the body and spiritually as well. The eye helps to see but spiritually we need the eye wash of God to be able to see clearly. Thus in the long run be fit for heaven.

    God bless you so much Pastor

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  2. Great piece. No matter how good our eyes are, we still need God’s eye wash to see beyond what the normal human eyes can see for we do not wrestle just against flesh and blood.

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  3. If the word of God abides in us, our paths will be lighted, and for sure we’ll be able to see all that He wants us to see.
    Quite an insight… God bless you

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  4. God’s guidance is what need always. We need the discerning Spirit of God to succeed as Christians.
    May God bless you, Pastor for another enlightening message.
    Thank you so much.

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