Can We Really See? II

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Give me now wisdom and knowledge, so that I may go out and come in before this people: for who is able to be the judge of this great people of yours? 

2 Chronicles 1:10

Mrs Doubtfire[1] is a comedy which stars Robin Williams and Sally Field. It is about a couple going through a divorce suit filed by the wife, Sally Field. In the movie, the husband losses his job and comes home to throw a wild birthday party for one of their children. When the wife got home, there were children everywhere. Some jumped on the sofa, while others jumped on other things. Her husband and 2 children danced on top of the dining table. A horse that came inside the house ate the giant birthday cake. She could no longer take her husband’s seeming irresponsible behaviour any longer. She filed for divorce.

Have you ever had your mummy come home, and you had not done what she asked you to do? Sometimes, you have even messed up something. Most parents or even a spouse will freak out. You likely got some lovely lashes from the cane that should make you cry.

God actually watches things a lot. If we go to the first chapter of Genesis, we find God “saw” mentioned 7 times. The word ‘Saw’ is mentioned 548 times in KJV, and a lot of it is related to what God did. What about ‘see’? 597 times. In Genesis chapter 1, God sees that everything He did was good. However, immediately we get to chapter 3, Eve looks at the fruit that would end her joyful life, and she sees it as good in 3 ways!

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In each of the stories above, both God and Eve had done some thinking after seeing what they saw. Interestingly, the word rendered “saw” in these texts is “râ’âh”, which means, among other things, to perceive, to regard, to consider, to look intently at. All of these give the impression of looking and thinking about what you are looking at. So God looked at and thought of what He saw as GOOD. 7 times. He considered all His created beauties, bits of intelligence, and performances and considered them very good (Genesis1:31). Likewise, Eve looked at the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil carefully, intently, and finally concluded that it was good (Genesis3:6). The Creator’s conclusion is proper, and till today, that conclusion is helping people all over the globe. What about Eve, the creature’s decision? It opened a pandora’s box from which none can recover except through Jesus.

It doesn’t end there. The loving Creator looks again around the time of Noah and sees that man’s wickedness is terrible, and his thoughts are constantly evil (Gen 6:5). Around this same time, those who obeyed God’s precepts looked and saw that the ungodly girls were beautiful, so they married them (Gen 6:2). Wao! God sees evil-mindedness, and His children see marriage material in the disobedient people! God sees something needing His urgent attention and intervention, but even His servants see something entirely different. Throughout the history of our race, sometimes even leaders cannot see God’s perspective and His thinking. God sees everything. Our vision is limited.

What are you currently looking at? What are you perceiving, considering, and looking intently at? Are you sure you see correctly? Are you not just thinking only about food and wealth? Are you not just making sure only your selfish interests are met? Are you not engaging only because of the benefit? Have you considered what God thinks about it? If He were to reveal His perspective to you, would you listen and obey? Where do you stand? Furthermore, if He were to perceive, regard, consider, and look carefully at you, your family, your lifestyle, and your purpose in life, would He even conclude that it is good? Or He would begin to regret….

If God sold eyesalve to you for free, would you buy it? His perspective is available to all who are hungry and thirsty for it. Just dial any of the numbers below:

  • Revelation 22:17
  • Proverbs 5:21
  • James 1:5
  • John 8:12
  • John 12:32
  • John 14:6
  • Deuteronomy 4:6
  • Jeremiah 33:3
  • 2 Chronicles 1:10
  • Proverbs 2: 6,7


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10 thoughts on “Can We Really See? II

  1. Good morning, Pr.
    Great piece!
    May God help us see what He sees in order to excape the many woes of this earth in order to live for him and him alone.
    Thanks so much and may God bless you.
    Happy Sabbath!


  2. Seeing as God sees, that’s my prayer for Christians living in these end times. God bless you for sharing.
    “There’s a way that seems right to man, but…”. May God help us

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  3. Human beings see only through a limited darkened glass – by choice. It is flawed because of its horizontal angle; therefore everything viewed from this position is darkened and flawed. Human beings however, may choose to have the verticle angle freely included which, alters what and how we see everything. God is willing to add the verticle, but He waits for (our) permission.

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