Speeding Ticket

© Credit Andrew Grove (https://unsplash.com)

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There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.[1]

Proverbs 14:12

Ikair spotted the policeman and his speed gun. He quickly changed gears from 5th to 3rd, hoping it would confuse the speed gun. This month, he had been stopped three times already for doing 80km+ in a 50km zone.

© Credit Jonathan Cooper (https://unsplash.com)

As he slowed down, he gasped. A Christian policeman has caught a member of his church! They were both members of the same church! Ikair stared at the older man in his inspector’s uniform for a moment. Then Ikair’s mind took off with speed, recalling the many times they had worked together on committees, visited people to share the gospel, and counselled struggling couples. He snapped back to reality and thought, ‘this should be easy.

“Good afternoon Mr Samwan. What a way to meet.” He got out of the car. “Hmmmmm, yes.” The policeman looked as if he understood. Good sign Ikair thought and continued explaining, “Irene called me just now that there was this chicken I had to get for dinner and look at the time. I had to turn around quickly and hmmm… I didn’t even notice my speed had gone up o”. The cop countered, “Last time you passed here, this afternoon, you were doing 87km”. 

O, no! Ikair, change your strategy. “Elder Sam, are you going to book me?” No response. Ikair caught sight of the security camera above, recording everything. Sam was writing in his book. Everything felt unreal. Why didn’t he ask for my license or even check my car number? Ikair was too angry to admit that he, Ikair, was confused.

Finally, Sam walked over to Ikair and handed the folded sheet to him without meeting his eyes. In anger, Ikair got into his car and drove home, this time slowly. Meanwhile, tears filled the inspector’s eyes.

Ikair was still fuming as he hugged his only daughter and gave her the groceries at home. While dodging her questions, his eye fell on the paper. He began to wonder when he was to appear in court. He took it and opened it. It was a note, not a summons. Whew! He began to read.

“Dear Ikair, I used to have a daughter. She was sixteen when a speeding driver murdered her. He spent a few months in prison and was freed to join his three daughters. Though I had only one, I will have to wait until Jesus comes before I can ever hold her again. A million times, I’ve tried to forgive that driver. A million times, I thought I had…. Please be careful. My son is all I have left. From Samwan”. It took a whole 5 minutes to snap out of his self-absorption. It’s not critical until it affects you personally. 

My heart is burdened as I write. A motorbike killed my step-brother in 2006. We have let things slide. We have become like others even though children of God lift the standard in their lifestyles. As a child of God, you should be the first to obey laws. Stop breaking people’s hearts with your insensitive selfishness. Casanovas are not Christians. Stop wrecking people’s homes with your inability to store your genitals properly. Cease from destroying people’s lives with calculated lousy advice. Desist from extinguishing people’s futures simply because they disagreed with you. You can’t go back in time to undo or ease. And you can not prevent God’s blessings from reaching the right people. Remember Proverbs 14:12 and think about your future, old age and eternity.

[1] Proverbs 14:12 KJV – There is a way which seemeth right unto – Bible Gateway

Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

17 thoughts on “Speeding Ticket

  1. Wow! Great piece! What a wonderful way to cause a change. The commandments of God are for our own good!
    Happy Sabbath, Pastor. I seek for God’s blessings on your life and all yours.
    Thank you so much for the message.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yup! There is nothing that can be added to the officer’s note. What a lesson in mercy and forgivness! It is also practical Christlikeness; a lesson that must be transferred from the written pages to the heart

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve missed your comments! Great to read you again! You know the distance between the held paper and the heart is just under 40cm. Yet we find out ever so difficult to move it. 🙄


  3. Wow, this is a blessing
    Obedience can prevent lots of trouble
    In deed ,”when God is in sight, faith and obedience comes naturally”

    Liked by 1 person

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