When Akushika Said, “I DO”

© Credit Wilma Brown 2022

15:36 hours. Saturday, June 25, 2022 for Wilma


Lovely Shika

Smiles behind the veil

The veil isn’t a barrier, no

This veil tones down

Her luminescence, iridescence

The glory that shrouded her

Keeping her humble and powerful


Lovely Aku smiles

Her shining teeth hides

Her stated refusal to entertain old-maids

While she hung onto prayer’s

Loosened tongue

To reaffirm divine openings and closings

Working together for good

To her that loved God.

To the girl who offered

Her beating heartstrings to Jesus

Of Northern Ghana


Shika smiled

When Northern Ghana in Macedonia

Stood behind Jesus and


She responded with joy

And left Accra for browner pastures,

To find the long lost prodigal.

Those days, she brought back spoils.


Aku’s smiles

Widened when she graduated

And started work

But she had already responded.

The young lady kept right on

Winning, winning, winning,

Till today.


So today

When the minister asked, my daughter responded

“I Do”

But that was long ago

When in spite of

Aedis aegypti, scorpions and enraged heat

She joined a bus headed for Nyanpanduri

Like a piece of light from the

Sun of Righteousness.

That really was when Aku said,

“I Do”

Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

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