The Rigour of Post Mortis

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Inspired by Esther Jallah on Feb17, 2022


Death deals the body,

God keeps the soul,

Mind holds the memories,

Heart hides the love,

Eye eyes the dream left behind,

Hand heaves the despondent coal of former effort,

Mouth mumbles the worn mantra,

Tenderly tacked behind the bleating of the heart.


Life goes placidly on.

Experiences pick life’s pieces.

Our dreams may die in order to


Never give up.

Though they cannot see,

Their Maker does.

If we meet someday, we will share

What we walked in

After the life was done beyond revoke.


Pick up the pieces

Life keeps running on with those who are ready

Life keeps dragging on with those who aren’t

Work up the dreaming

Hustle your way forward towards what may not be clear yet

Wriggle your way in the direction of what you saw

Keep up your form

The doldrums have nothing but pain, misery

You may have fallen, don’t we all?

Tweak up your giftings

This tunnel may be solid and dark

It also hosts those striving to see the light they dreamed of.

Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

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