What Really Happened III

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10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take care of me

Psalms 27:10

Chuki was not finished with her story, so she continued the next time they met. During her first year in the polytechnic, an American came to conduct religious services at her church. He took a liking to her. He promised to support her education once he got back to the States. Unfortunately, Pastor Phalett responded only after she had written four letters to him. 

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And in his terse reply, he indicated that he was inclined to send his money to Rwanda, where genocide was raging! 

It made sense to do so, but she was devastated. So Chuki turned to God, the only source of help she knew, and with gusto. One day, while meditating on the outskirts of her town, God told her, I do not need people’s promises to take care of you. I will take care of you.

This was the turning point for her. She shared it excitedly with her close Christian friend, who advised that she take steps in faith. Almost immediately, she began investing in cardboard and other art materials. Soon she was making money from designing and decorating greeting cards, signboards, posters, and T-shirts. Whatever contract came, she did it or asked other artists for help. And God made sure she graduated in two years with an HND in Business Management.

She struggled around looking for work with an employer who would not request sexual favours before even considering her qualification. She didn’t find any. Then it was time for national service, which she did with the Schools Libraries Project. This group of service personnel did posters for first-cycle schools. 

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After service, she got a job as a library assistant at a college. She forged on until she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Her GPA got her a teaching assistant position immediately after graduation. That is when Chuki began to relax just a bit. After a year, she noticed that the worrylines on her forehead had somewhat smoothened. 

Then a godly young dreamer found her after she finished her Master and they married. 

At the time of the interview, Chuki had been able to churn out a few books and scores of artilcles. She was in the process of acquiring her PhD. She was also dean of the School of Business. Takyi was impressed. He intoned it over and over again while Chuki laughed out loud. Chuki hurried to offer Gratitude to God, the Almighty, who had made all this possible.

In a few weeks, both were on first-name terms with each other’s spouses. 

Then it was Takyi’s turn to share his story. He talked about spending years teaching at a secondary school before his mother convinced him to do his Masters in Human Resources Management. He then worked in the Ministry of Information. While there, he chanced on a PhD sponsorship to Norway. He quickly applied and was approved. He went with his family. Upon his return, he discovered that he could not find a place in the ministry again, that nobody seemed to know or even want to help him. After spending a year waiting for an appointment from the ministry and living off his wife’s business, he decided to apply to several universities, including where Chuki was. In the end, he accepted their offer.

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So how did a girl whose grades were dipping and who was struggling even to write secondary school examinations manage to make it this far? 

Chuki answers this question like this… 

“My family could not support me; even men of God shunned me in my darkest hour. But God, Himself was already there. He filled me with the grit to keep going, proving that He put Psalms 27:10 there in the Bible. Then He kept opening doors for me. Early on, my parents had convinced me that I would become someone important. I kept echoing those statements. What God has done for me has really blown me away.”

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