Enjoy A Pout

© Credit fudgegrudge.com

The requital morning yanked

Six hairs from my

Flared nostrils.

Carefully, I doled out generous helpings of

Angry snaps

To three members

Of my family. They also whipped

Through our home, torching other family members’ faces,

Singeing their angry ears.

By then the morning was airborne.

By eight-thirty,

The house could breathe a lonely


My angry heart clung to my brain.

©Creddit original image: empresas fantasma en mexico

And everyone who

Came close, lifted their tails, and fled.

Lonely, huddled, and crouching

I snapped at everyone who needed my help or duty.

Until I shook out of my reverie.

Then I scrambled up to watch.


Everywhere.   They glared at me from

Desks and foreheads

Daring me to approach—on pain of emotional death

I defied death.

And dangled a dainty apology to the

Innocent civilians

Emotionally brutalized and battered.

Sneak a peek,

Said the Holy Spirit.

Soak up the anger and let it rest.

In the bosom of the Father. He is able to

Help you pick up the

Pieces of the hearts broken in your heatwave. Man’s nature’s

Remaker General

Is still in active business.

Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

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