Spoken Anniversary

© Credit unsplash.com (Ed Robertson)

1. Asampete,

When I met you, yes you.

Your Permed hair

Lingered gently between my heartbeats

I saw your eyes peeping at me even when I was

© Credit unsplash.com (Adam Hornyak)

Alone in my room.

No glasses were needed then.

Your sight is so sharp they split

My schemes bare

And you unknot the things I have hidden

Behind my smiles.

2. When we first met,

I could hardly scrape my eyes from those finely chiselled columns

© Credit unsplash.com (Julian Myles)

Carrying you around.

Your legs are fetching as life’s finest sunrise.

3. You gracefully teetered on the

Verge of our merge.

Now your dimpled leg

Speaks tomes

A concave record of all you have brooked for me.

© Credit Nana Amoah

4. You tilt your head and

My cosmos feelers it, swaying

In your direction.

You’re my problem now.

My life is cocooned

In a fiercely tethered faithfulness.

Diana Ameley’s oracle

Sits comfortable pulsing, thriving

I saw me forcing my heart through your

Naturally curved fingernails

While I begged you to interpret the words,

© Credit Nana Amoah

“Fragile, handle with care”

5. Now silver heartlery clatters around life trays

Two gold orbs silently.

The last flower was billed to show up on the date

That our meandering browsing came full circle.

With that our factory ran out.

The silver stares still.

We still see flashing pure angels bantering with drawn


While immense beads of favour parachute on our shingles

– April 15, 2023

Published by Pastor Amoah

Its all about relationship.

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